Thursday, 17 November 2011

I'll start training next week !!! the good intention guide.

OK so I have signed up for the lakeland 50 on 04/10/11 after much self doubt and wondering if it would be worth it. A really good friend who has similar health problems to me has also signed up, there lies a problem for my head; they are a much better runner than me, quiet good at training; managed to stick with the running club, is training on the fells, doing cross country and I admire how they cope. 
So I think (I know its not logical) they will absolutely finish hours ahead of me. Am I competing with a friend NO !!! but for me I introduce friends to events and then find I'm lagging behind again, this I hasten to add is a mind set of someone with depression, we can be very good at putting ourselves down, then again I have seen many women who start out on a running journey also put themselves down and lack confidence, WHY do we do this Girls (and boys)?

I was determined that signing on the dotted line for the 50 would give me the impetus to train and to try to get my training on a more regular basis. I tend to be an inconsistent trainer, in my head I am training like Paula Radcliffe in reality at the moment I manage to get a BMF (British Military Fitness) training session in and a 5k per week. Mileage what mileage? I tell myself I need some strength training -will go to the gym, long runs on Sunday, and loose some weight guess what all that will start on Monday as well.

Each week I think I will catch up with work; (I am now self employed and can manage my health better working from home) and then I will feel a bit better, then I will really no really get down to some serious training starting on Monday, I sound like a member of diet club ! Monday arrives what happens someone has stolen my motivation - was completing the 50 in 2009 in my imagination I ask myself?

So training which was supposed to have started in ernest in October looks a little thin (that is paper thin) on the ground. I am really struggling to step foot out of the door. I am forcing myself to BMF because at least I meet a friendly face and the instructors get you through the session and we have a laugh as well. At the moment there is a definite block in my mind for getting the running shoes on, when I do I beat myself up on how crap I am running - god this is 

When I chat to people I am so enthusiastic about long distance events they think I am mad in that "wow your mad - I couldn't so that" sort of way.  I must at times in my mission to encourage all to "have a go, go on you know you want to" seem like I've been there done that; I'm not a big headed I still just can't believe I can jog on hill and the buzz you get. So not the start I wanted for the big 50 training plan - but I will start on MONDAY.

October Training Summary
Week 1: 1st - 9th      Training miles 5
                                BMF sessions  1
                                Race miles 18 Coniston trail race (2nd) Reservoir Jogs in 
                                Glossop (9th) both 9 miles
Week 2:10th -16th    Training miles 15
                                BMF sessions 0 (away in Wales)
Week 3:17th - 23rd   Training miles 12.5
                                BMF sessions  1
Week 4:24th - 30th   Training miles 11
                                BMF sessions 1
Sleepless Nights: lost count .


  1. i think you might have identified the big barrier..getting going. dont worry theres loads of time yet but maybe..
    ..train with your friend you mention? it up and dont start monday, start today?
    ..make time sacred to running that nothing can disturb
    ..dont fret when you miss a session just think on what you've done well that week
    hope that helps in some way?

  2. Forget about a rigid training programme, leave your watch at home and go out for a trot with no pressure then see how it goes.

    The wise one has spoken.....

  3. Hi Maxine, I don't make rigid programmes for training, I need to take it as it comes paying attention to how I feel both mentally and physically what's the point of injuring yourself today when tomorrow would have been the better day for you (if you see what I mean). Iam gutted at the moment that I will have to miss Brampton run, but it would be foolish to even attempt it. There's always next year. Make a loose plan - I found the advice Lakeland 50 sent through about covering all the elements needed,i.e. distance, terrain, night moving, hills, navigation etc very helpful and tried to work at least a couple into a weeks training. We can keep each other motivated through the wonderous world of the internet.